Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ice Pre Teen Models Sleepover Ideas For Pre-teens?

Sleepover Ideas for pre-teens? - ice pre teen models

I have a sleepover with my friend, Hannah, 11 years old (I am also 11 years). Me and Hannah are very mature and not childish misunderstandings need ideas! We are very active, bubbly, crazy, and therefore quite hyperactive 24 / 7. We need something new and fresh ideas for entertainment. We need to stop, go manicure / pedicure, to the mall and get new clothes and make-up (how our acquisitions may be chic), go to a Chinese buffet for dinner, what Bracelets l 'friendship, a song, maybe bake / Profile Brownies do a dance, watch a comedy movie with popcorn, drinks and cookies (yes, cooking!), achieved with a talent show, Battle of 'pillows, bagels dip (YUM), the midnight party, video games and stop the run all night and eat an ice cream each. I know you think: 'You do not have enough to do!? Well, no ... We are very hyperactive, and the need for entertainment 24 / 7. If you have other ideas if Please help.
Thank you for all these ideas!


The Unquiet Grave said... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

☮Stephan... said...

Music, dance, prank callers, hiding in the dark, running around his neighborhood in the dark pajamas ... and if it gets enough light, move into a field and watch the sun rise ... You can also use a Sharpie and drawing tattoos on each other. Swim, bike in his neighborhood in the dark .... enjoy! I will sleep tonight at home too:]

Its Just Cassie. said...

Play truth or dare. Buy Jelly Bellys [candy] and the control to do about her parents, brothers and sisters, and give it to them. Take a haunted house in his room to the crap out of fear of their parents. [If u want advice on how to bring the message followed me]
Trust me. I there are 11 two years and that's what all my friends have.

Kaylee K said...

My friends and I'm usually a hiding to around my house when everyone's sleeping with the lights and use flashlights and find each other and not try to frighten all but Othr u can not make noise or when ur out of the game in its class Spy's kiddish but fun No fun really a good time to sleep at UR:)

LALA said...

where increasing ding dong ditch their neighborhood or 7:00, the roof, wherever you are, and see the moon and the stars, watch horror movies
For without reflections and video Go to YouTube. Buy glow sticks and party = 3

minimoos... said...

I give ideas for a haunted house.

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