Sunday, February 7, 2010

Nipple Piercing Procedure Video Nipple Piercing Question! What Was It Like, Pain To Be Expected Etc.?

Nipple piercing question! What was it like, pain to be expected etc.? - nipple piercing procedure video

Well, it was my 18th Birthday said the other day on my birthday and my husband to me, make shopping for underwear, then take me into my nipple pierced: D
From what I have piercing for a long time and I like how they look.
I must ask this?

How much does it hurt? The experience and the general feeling? The standard procedure, what should I expect? How do I know if something goes wrong?
I am a little nervous, I'm afraid of needles, which make me all shaky and cold! How serious is when they put the needle through?

Answers much appreciated! : D


knuxbbgr... said...

I just got mine pierced, and it was a breeze!
Normally I'm a big kid when it comes to needles, and I was very nervous, but it was much better than I had expected.

The piercing part was all about simplicity. Drilling cleaned, then put two points on the sides, so they know where the needle is put through.

The pain was gone wayyy less than expected. I thought I would die, but when it happened, was completely bareable! It felt like someone was pinching my nipples so hard.

Cleaning is easy! If the thought of it I definitely recommend it! I was very skeptical at first, and most did so only because my friend wanted me, but I'm so glad I did! It looks and feels good;)

Hope this helps!

smileyrawr„ÉĄ <3 said...

I do not have this piercing, but I've broken my nose twice, and it hurts like a mother -..... I think the breast is one of the most sensitive of your body that many injured and at least for those that have a low tolerance for pain than I have to. It could be painful for some time.

Aniz said...

I'm a piercing and painting is much more for girls than boys, because they get the "milk bags" or if they have never had children .. quiet, but the pain Everyone ... I had people came for her and for its low ... depends on the person ... do not forget to do it for you and not because a man wants to do ... also makes it more susceptible to most people and have PIN readt happy for the rest of your life!

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